Industrial Design

Designing beautiful things is not enough for our industrial designers. They always ask themselves, “is there is another way to make things better?”

Innovation is the key to designing the best product for our clients. At Liquimind, we don’t believe in out-of-the-box thinking because we believe there is no box.

Industrial Design Services:
  • Branding Strategy
  • Ergonomic Study
  • Concept Generation
  • 3D Surface Design
  • High Quality Photo-realistic Rendering
  • Color, Material, and Finishing Study
  • Cosmetic Models
01. Brand Understanding
02. Market Research
Target Audience / Product Language / Competitive Product Analysis / Market Strategy
03. User Scenario
User Profile / Working Environment / How to Use / Market Strategy
04. Concept Study & Prototype

Option 1: Sketches, AI 2D with three views, Rapid prototyping. RP Only

Option 2: If the project is related to ergonomic product design, hand made models are necessary for this step. RE (Reverse Engineering)

05. Concept Refinement & Test
Illustration with Orthographic Views 3D CAD / Apperarance Mock-Up
06. 3D CAD Surface Design
Surface Evaluation / Surface Evaluation / Ergonomics Check
07. CMF Study
Colors, Materials and Finishing Study