Mechanical Engineering

Our mechanical engineers have a deep understanding of the entire product development process. They sweat the details to ensure structural solutions maintain the overall design intent.

At Liquimind, we believe that a good ME design should look and feel as good as it functions. Our 360 approach ensures beautiful synergy inside and out.

Mechanical Design Services:
  • CAD surface modeling
  • Working prototype studies
  • System architecture layouts
  • Product feasibility studies
  • Enclosure housing design
  • Mechanism exploration
  • Manufacturing solution
01. Understanding Requirements
Characters study/Application study/Information gathering/Market researching
02. Specification
Define dimensions/Function definition/Solution direction/Risk analysis
03. Mechanical Design- Preparation
Parts Selections/Layout Design
04. Mechanical Design- 3D Cad modeling
Material Study/Tolerance & Dimensional Analysis/Assembling/Mechanism Design/Simulations
05. Mechanical Design- Prototyping
Material Study/Tolerance & Dimensional Analysis/Assembling Design/Simulations
06. Mold/Tooling Development
Cad Surface study/Draft Angle Study/EVT/DVT
07. Manufactured
Quality Assurance/Budget management