Interaction Design

Interaction design is getting more and more important, since touch interface introduce into the world.
At Liquimind, our goal is creating the best user experience by achieving both visual attractive and intuitive user friendly design.

Visual Design Services:
  • UI/UX design
  • App design
  • Web design
  • Package design
  • Graphic design
  • Photography
  • Video content creation
  • Animations creation
01. Define the task

Company & product background/history/culture

Define finished product/format and materials

02. Market research

Target audience

Generate and gather ideas and notes

Competitive examples

03. Brainstorming

Word maps, word associations

Word opposites, visual references

Metaphors, similes

04. Sketching

Sketches, create several thumbnail sketches

Arrange the main elements

AI 2D or photographs

05. Design direction

Develop 2-3 thumbnails

Make a rough proposal for the final design

06. Tight sketch

Detailed mock upLayouts show the actual dimensions

and precise placementsof the elements

07. Finalizing

Create the final file

Prepare files for manufacturing